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Credentialing and Contracting

Below  are some of the insurance companies that DnD Billing & Credentialing can get you contracted with. This is not an exhausted list.

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credentialing for healthcare professionals

Provider enrollment and Credentialing is a long and complicated process where a Provider’s experience and qualifications are reviewed for the purpose of enrolling them with Government and commercial payers.

Each Insurance group is different. We know how to meet the needs of each insurance group. You and your practice can be credentialed and contracted so that you can see patients with every type of insurance and policy available. You don't have to worry about the paperwork, confusion, and hassle of getting on insurance panels. We do the entire credentialing process for you.
We offer the following services:

  • Individual and Group NPI application.
  • CAQH enrollment and Maintenance.
  • Medicare enrollment for Individual NPI’s and Group NPI.
  • Re-validation and maintenance of provider data in PECOS.
  • Individual and Group Medicaid enrollment.
  • Individual NPI credentialing for commercial payors.
  • Group NPI and Group contract negotiation for commercial payors.
  • Workers Compensation contracts and fee negotiation.

We customize our quotes based on various factors so please contact us at 480-255-9484 for a customized quote.

Insurance plans are covering more services (pre-existing conditions, mental health, etc.)

Medical credentialing has become more impotent as health insurance pans grow in regards to the scope of treatments they cover. These changes included Mental Health, Behavioral Health, les restrictions on pre-existing conditions and the coverage of supplemental services; such as physical therapy, message therapy, acupuncture and other holistic health services.

insurance panels are getting full and closing!

Unfortunately, insurance panels (for providers) are increasingly becoming full, meaning the process of medical credentialing is becoming more difficult every day. Insurance companies are closing provider panels and make the barrier for physicians more difficult to climb.

**Than being said, some panes that claim to be "closed" are really just being selective regarding which providers they are adding. Knowing how to position one's self and expertise can go a long way when it comes to getting into "closed" panels.**

by teaming with dnd billing & credentialing, we can save you valuable time and money.

As an experienced credentialing service company, DnD Billing & Credentialing works with great efficiency to get our  providers enrolled in insurance companies. Our company understands the credentialing process, rules and regulations of different insurance organizations as well as the complex provider credentialing requirements. We are familiar with the industry and procedures, which allows us to navigate the provider credentialing process in order to achieve quick and positive results.

By serving various types of medical practitioners, we have established strong, long-term connections and personal relationships with numerous provider representatives in many insurance companies. As a result, we are able to save you time and money on what could otherwise be a lengthy credentialing process.

DnD Billing & Credentialing will provide timely results. Moreover, we simplify the credentialing process for you by eliminating aggravation and stress. We guarantee that we will do our absolute best with the upmost integrity to obtain positive results for you.